Curtains are the most important feature of any room. The curtaining you choose should create a certain mood, that expresses your style and theme while at the same time bring harmony to all the other rooms.

We specialise in most styles of curtaining, from tab tops, eyelits, kirsch and even pinch pleats. We will advise you on style and choice of curtain fabric to suit your home. We have over ten years experience, making curtains for private customers, guest houses and decorators. If your measurements are correct then you will have no problems with your curtains.

We manufacture all our curtains in our own supervised workshop. Ensuring that the quality is never compromised and workmanship guaranteed.

Ready made curtains are never the right size and you pay the earth for poor quality. Leave your curtain make up to us and with our professional advice and service we will make you spectacular curtain drapes that fits and hangs perfect the first time. 

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